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Academy for specialists and executives

Training with Transfer

Training with transfer - this is the motto of the DECURA Academy.

As a highly specialized educational institution, the Academy stands for a high practical reference, maximum transfer performance and thus a direct return on investment for companies.

The DECURA Academy trains specialists in the areas of health, technology and management systems (quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety) and trains executives in the areas of solutions in economics, strategy and methodology. One focus is on companies in the fields of automotive, food, health and medical products. Employees from other industries will also find the right qualification offer at the DECURA Academy.


"Qualification is for us one of the most important pillars in the process organization and an essential engine in the development of companies," says Markus Rundt, Managing Director of the DECURA Academy. 

"The demand for high-quality trainings, which work close to the company and enable transfer, is increasing, and the Academy wants to offer companies and employees the opportunity to do so," commented Rundt.

The academy offers a wide range of open seminars, trainings, lectures and certifications in eight thematic areas, which are mainly addressed to specialists and executives. Organizations also find tailor-made educational concepts based on in-house solutions as well as individually tailored corporate consulting for the implementation of management systems and processes.

Under the umbrella of DECURA Consulting Group GmbH, specialists coach medium-sized companies to DAX companies. Reference customers are BWM Germany, Rolls-Royce Motorcars, OSRAM, Siemens or HIPP. The consultants and coaches of the DECURA Academy are national and international and also work as auditors.

Last year the DECURA academy attended national and international training courses, attracting more than 600 participants from different sectors.

The locations in the Technologiezentrum in the Innovationspark Augsburg, the consulting and training location in the Königswinkel in Füssen as well as in Munich provide the participants with state-of-the-art training facilities. 15 seminar rooms with capacities from 6 to120 participants correspond to the highest standard of technology.

TOP Training Courses

Update: The new ISO 9001/2015

What does DIN EN 9001: 2015 mean for your company? In this seminar, all major changes of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard revision are communicated in a compact manner. One focus here is on the innovations concerning the strategic as well as risk management. This course is aimed at all employees in certified companies.

  • Training content
  • Context of the organization
  • Goal management
  • Risk assessment
  • Resource management
  • Process management

Occupational Health Management Basics

The efficiency of the employees forms the backbone in a successful functioning of a company. For the efficacy to be achieved it is essential to have preventative methods to maintain physical and mental health of the employees. The OHM basic seminar teaches basic knowledge of occupational health management (OHM) and links it to the legal framework. Practical examples and case studies discussed open opportunities for bringing theory into practice.

Training content:

  • Health, prevention and health promotion
  • From pathogenesis to salutogenesis
  • Concepts for health promotion
  • Health promotion health Management
  • Relationship between work and health
  • Leadership and health
  • Benefits & effects
  • Communication & Information 

"Qualification is for us one of the most important pillars in the process organization and an essential engine in the development of companies", Markus Rundt, Managing Director DECURA Akademie. 

Quality 4.0

Additional consulting and auditing services for your company

Under the brand Quality 4.0, DECURA has developed a systematic consulting and evaluation approach for companies that supports organizations in the implementation of strategies and change processes.

The multilingual consultants offer an integrated consulting, coaching and maturity degree concept nationally and internationally, which makes the success of the company measurable and enables the development of the company to be targeted. Further information on the consulting services of DECURA Consulting Group GmbH can be found on the website



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