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History of the DECURA Academy

Established in 2012 at the beginning of 2017 the Academy opened new training sites at the Technology Center Augsburg Innovations Park and in Füssen. The academy is one of the few private German educational companies that offers consulting service, training and qualification courses for specialists and managers as well as specially tailored training concepts and options such as in-house trainings that follow "Trainings on the Job" (OJT) pattern or training with knowledge application in practice.

DECURA Academy and Knowledge Transfer: From theory to Practice 

The uniqueness and exclusiveness of the DECURA Academy rests on a synergy in training and consulting, special emphasis being laid on our specifically designed courses and customer focused concepts for in-house training.

By promising huge benefits for industries and new opportunities for a multitude of applications, Industry 4.0 is currently one of the major and most discussed topics in academia and practice.

Thus, having accepted challenges of Industry 4.0 for Quality Management, DECURA Academy also offers a high performance data transfer operations for companies that concentrate on and target at the maximum return on investment.

As a specialized educational institute the academy offers open seminars, webinars or in-house trainings in the fields of economics, automotive industry, technology, management systems, health, food, different strategies and methodologies.

In addition to lectures we offer specialized certifications for training professionals as well as offer help in organizing high-quality congresses and events, such as the quality forum and alike.

Our training courses at different locations, for example in Augsburg, Füssen, Hamburg, Cologne and Oxford, are primarily targeted at specialists and executives. At present our training offer/package includes 45 open seminars in 8 subject areas. As a result of its consulting experience the Academy is also able to offer companies individual training concepts as OJT or in-house solutions.

The variety of our customers range from SMEs to DAX companies.

Our lecturers and consultants train worldwide in Europe, USA and China. In 2016 we participated in more than 50 events and our coaching staff trained over 600 specialists and executives from business and industry fields.

Quality 4.0

Basic Concepts of Quality 4.0 and Human Factor

Even though, the importance of technology in our daily lives is undeniable "human success factor" plays a key and decisive role in any project implementation.

Bearing this in mind, Managing Director of the DECURA Academy, Markus Rundt, developed a systematic approach to innovation success that supports organizations in the implementation of education management strategies.

This approach offers companies an integrated concept of a maturity level model in training which makes success measurable. Taking this into consideration and being a highly professional niche provider, the Academy has set an objective to raise employees’ qualifications to the level of excellence.

Four Building Blocks in Quality

The key feature of the DECURA Academy is the synergy in the following areas:

     Promotion of innovation
     Maturity management

As part of Quality 4.0 for Quality Management, DECURA Academy also offers high performance data transfer operations for companies that concentrate on and target at the maximum return on investment.



A Human Success Factor

Some key factors in the success of any implementation project have little to do with technology as it is important to have the right individuals and to have clear processes in place for decision making and project management. In the framework of our consulting projects the consultants of our DECURA Consulting Group GmbH have repeatedly addressed the question of "human success factor" and its importance.

DECURA Academy Managing Director Markus Rundt developed a systematic approach to the success of innovation, which encourages organizations to implement innovative educational management strategies in their development.

This approach offers companies an integrated concept of a maturity level model in training which makes success measurable.
In this context, the Academy sees its mission and vision as a highly professional niche provider to raise employees’ qualifications to an excellent level.

Tech Innovations as a Vehicle for Globalization and Acceleration

Tech Innovations as a Vehicle for globalization and acceleration

Increased globalization and acceleration, esp. of technical requirements and opportunities have resulted in shorter development cycles across the entire industry. This results not only in high costs but also in high demand of skilled employees with innovative solutions.
To foster innovation companies can easily work on the resources they have at their disposal. In this case the DECURA Academy can provide you with necessary “know-how” concepts. In addition, our subsidiary company of our DECURA Consulting, EureCons GmbH, will provide you with necessary information, help and support within the framework of European innovation programs.3

Industrialisation as a Process

Innovative technologies developed by different companies open the door for new products and services to emerge and materialize. For the success to be achieved in market viability these products and services are to be brought into play or implemented according to established and validated processes.

For this purpose, value chains are usually defined which exchange all necessary information via interfaces. As the complexity of product and service delivery increases, this process often results in errors in and between different chains. Thus, a carefully planned and monitored process management will ensure that the errors are detected, corrected and avoided.

Therefore, in addition to our trainings DECURA Academy offers a transfer process with necessary methods for the improvement of the procedures conveyed, both, with and without the assistance of the trainer. Higher maturity level achieved in a company comes as indirect impact. 

Maturity Level as a Basis for Industry 4.0

The concept of continuous improvement continuous improvement (Kaizen) describes the ability of an organization to continually seek ways to improve operations. It involves identifying benchmarks of excellent practices and instilling a sense of employee ownership of the process. In a sense, it combines the collective talents within a company to create a powerful engine for improvement.

The concept of continuous improvement describes the opportunity for an organization to cross-examine and self assess itself and organizational processes model at any time and to respond to the influencing factors of economy, technology, politics and the social environment. These factors are evaluated and are increasingly used as approval criteria for the stability and sustainability of partners and suppliers in the context of approval and selection processes. A standardized degree of maturity enables companies to plan and enhance a further development in areas that are essential to the success of the organization.

DECURA has developed maturity level testing software called Qube, which can be used to determine this degree of maturity and to identify value-added measures.