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Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play

(Immanuel Kant)

Decura Academy offers you no blind theory, no empty practice with mere intellectual play because personal attention, quality and practice transfer are paramount in our institution.

As a trainee you will be personally supervised by a consultant or a lecturer. S/he will guide and accompany you through the process of qualification, will offer you necessary advice needed and be next to you during a practice transfer day. The support provided by a contact person guarantees optimum utilization of the services offered, no losses and equal qualitative standard for everyone.

To quote Markus Rundt, a Managing Director of DECURA Consulting Group and DECURA Academy, "Quality of our training and practice transfer are of paramount importance and pivotal, thus all our lecturers and consultants give priority to the latter aspects. Respectively, our training and consulting philosophy is based on our customers’ specific individual needs."

Being one of the few private education companies in Germany, the DECURA Academy offers training and consulting services as well as a combination of training and tailor-made advice.

Continuing education - the acquisition or improvement of work-related skills by people already in the workforce - became increasingly vital throughout the 20th century partially as a result of technological advances that made many industries to depend on high-tech equipment today.

Recent studies show that continuing education is strongly anchored in corporate culture and is a major contributor to professional safeguarding. Qualified employees have become the decisive factor for companies' innovative success more than ever before. Ideally, continuing education programs benefit both businesses and workers.

Businesses encourage continuing education in order to sustain a highly skilled and specialized workforce - a workforce with the skills to perform a variety of tasks or workers with “cross-functional” skills. Workers, on the other hand, may receive promotions, gain more power in the job market, or become more valuable employees by enrolling continuing education programs.

The DECURA Academy provides employees with necessary continuing education that respectfully allows companies expect the return on investment (ROI).

The Guidelines of the Academy

  • Transfer

    Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.”
    To reformulate Immanuel Kant’s statement, "Theory without practice is empty and practice without theory is blind," that is our leading motto in the academy, our work is based on high-quality, crossmedial training documents that make the basis for training success. The Academy is recognized for its always present clear aim, goals and objectives and practice-orientated direction. The theory that we teach as an academy is genuine, applicable and implementable in all hierarchies, in all industries, and in all cultures.

  • Communication

    Personal, clear and transparent communication is guaranteed by every lecturer at the Academy. The participants will always receive personal attention. Our philosophy is embodied in our precision to detail: your goals will always be of primary importance and we will give you full assistance in your preparation for the corporate day. We are always ready for and will always stay in conversation with you.

  • Competence

    Aiming to meet high professional and didactic requirements requisite in our seminars our management team personally select lecturers whose professional qualification is of highest importance at the DECURA Academy.

  • Quality

    Quality is the axiom and an overriding goal of the Academy. It has been developed as a customer-oriented holistic concept exercised by our institution in many fields of everyday life. DECURA Academy advocates professionalism aiming at excellence of our employees. Our lecturers are recognized because of work ethics, quality that results from long years of training experience. The Academy also guarantees quality-driven development for Quality 4.0, an integrated training and maturity concept, the stress being laid on people, innovation, process and maturity.